My First Nudge for Writing and Sharing

My first nudge for writing was an experience I remember quite well. I was a teenager, about fifteen or sixteen and I was walking down a street in Dallas, Texas. I passed a Christian bookstore and in the window was a daily devotional book that I felt attracted to. I went into the store and in looking through the pages I had a deep insight, and the thought came to me that ‘I could write a book like this.’ I was so shocked at that thought that I scared myself and put the book down and immediately left the store, but that memory has stayed with me for over fifty years. Little did I know at that time that I would write six or more books in my lifetime and that the major themes would be of finding healing, meaning and purpose in life as well as finding the Divine connections within myself. From that early time on until now, I have pondered and reflected upon many things in life — the events themselves, the mysteries of life, the psychological shadow, and how our early stories affect our life and ways we view the world. I have spent most of my life integrating and weaving the psychological, the spiritual, and emotional into the tapestry of my life.



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