Hello friends

Well, here I am again thinking about writing and expressing some of my thoughts, memories, and insights after not writing for seven years. When I completed the last book, Healing Thoughts for Wounded Hearts, I felt I was finished with writing. However, in the last few months I have begun to feel that nudge deep within to begin to write and express myself again.

In Memories, Musings and Mystics, I want to share with you some of my favourite stories, memories and thoughts from all of the previous research and work I have done over the years dealing with psychological and spiritual growth. Also, I want to share my continuing life journey.

This book is not in chronological order but rather the themes of my life are woven together in an interdependent manner. Many of the thoughts and short stories as well as reflective insights written in prose will be able to stand alone, meaning they are complete within themselves. At your leisure you can just open and read a short section in the book and have a thought or a moment of reflection from that reading. I hope you will enjoy this book as I share some experiences and reflections that have been meaningful to me during my life. Also, I hope that a thought or a story will touch you in some way and give you comfort or inspiration in some aspect of your life. This is not a book on what I have done but rather what I have learned and experienced and worked on to make a meaningful part of my life.

I am going to leave a lot of space between thoughts and stories so that you can meditate or ponder on what you have read, and if any words are helpful make them your own. My writing is rather concentrated and I think you may need time to read and reflect on what you have read or forget what does not resonate with you. Also, I am leaving space in the margins for you to write your thoughts if you wish. My desire is that we will journey together and although I write in the first person I very much want you to be included in my story.



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